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Magnum Magnetics Reveals New DigiMag® PLUS 2

Magnum Magnetics Corporation is proud to introduce DigiMag® PLUS 2, the next generation in printable magnetics technology with a revolutionary printable film, for HP Indigo and offset presses.

DigiMag® PLUS 2 features a waterproof printable surface, boasting improved UV stability and weatherability performance over BOPP and polypropylene films. The printable surface is bleed-through and scuff resistant, tree-free, durable and tear resistant.

Available in two versions for digital and offset printing, this product is specially designed to cut cleanly using the guillotine and die cutting process, leaving no residue on cutting blades. Both versions are currently available in printable magnetic sheets.

DigiMag® PLUS 2 is ideal for business cards, save-the-dates, indoor signage, outdoor signage, refrigerator magnets, calendars, and more.

DigiMag® PLUS 2 is patent pending.

The product is easily finished with a post-press magnetizer, making the production process trouble free. It offers consistent, strong magnetic pull and a superior printing surface for vibrant images that make a statement and stay where you put them. Magnum Magnetics offers the widest array of post-process magnetization options in the industry.

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Magnum Magnetics Reveals New MuscleMag™ Product Options

Magnum Magnetics Corporation announces new product options for their MuscleMag™ brand flexible magnets.

MuscleMag™ Printable High Energy Magnets are now available for inkjet and digital presses.  MuscleMag™ brand magnets are specifically formulated thin for smooth feeding through a multitude of presses, while having a stronger hold than a “traditional” magnet.

Magnum’s original MuscleMag™ Digital Printable Magnets are offered with a matte white polypropylene printable surface, with a total thickness of 17 millage. MuscleMag™ Digital 17 is printable on a variety of digital presses including HP Indigo, Xerox, iGen, Kodak NexPress, and more.

In an effort to increase opportunity to print magnets to those with an inkjet press, Magnum Magnetics created two versions of MuscleMag™ Inkjet Printable Magnets.

MuscleMag™ Inkjet Printable Magnets are available in a 15 millage thickness option, with a white vinyl printable surface, available in matte or gloss finish.  MuscleMag™ Inkjet 15 is thin, yet very strong, which allows it to easily conform around wraps.  “The MuscleMag ™ Inkjet 15 allows the printer more room for the print head to operate and virtually eliminates head strikes,” says Account Manager Cameron Fouss.  “The thickness of MuscleMag™ Inkjet 15 allows for the material to have less memory, allowing it contour to the surface it is being applied to. It also reduces the wind resistance.”

Both MuscleMag™ Digital 17 and MuscleMag Inkjet 15 are thinner options to traditional magnetic sign media, reducing shipping costs.

MuscleMag™ Printable High Energy Magnets are available in widths up to 24.375”, in sheets or rolls ranging from 25 feet to 200 feet.  MuscleMag™ Printable High Energy magnets come magnetized, or unmagnetized.  Magnum Magnetics offers multiple post-print magnetization options.

Magnum Magnetics is a U.S. manufacturer of flexible magnetic sheeting, magnetic strip, and magnetic extrusions. The company’s magnet is tested and conforms to certified toy safety standards for heavy metals content. Magnum Magnetics also offers custom packaging to satisfy individual production requirements.  Magnum Magnetics operates two facilities in Ohio.

Magnum Magnetics Reveals New DigiMag® Duplex

This month Magnum Magnetics Corporation unveiled their new product, DigiMag® Duplex at GRAPH EXPO.

DigiMag® Duplex is two-sided printable magnet, featuring a high quality printable matte white polypropylene surface on both sides.  DigiMag® Duplex offers smooth feeding, superb ink adhesion and image quality, and can be easily perforated or die cut. This innovative product was created by Magnum Magnetics employees, Cameron Fouss and Ritch Lefevre.

Inventor Cameron Fouss says he was inspired to create DigiMag® Duplex while in an airport book store. “The store had magnet and postcard displays next to each other. I wanted to create a product that was printable on both sides, yet still magnetic.  Currently, the only option is to cover the picture on the post card with a magnet, or deal with a black magnetic surface on the back, which will not show print.” Inspired by Magnum Magnetics’ current line of printable magnets, Fouss and the Product Development team at Magnum Magnetics began creating samples of the prototype.

Magnum Magnetics’ DigiMag® Duplex product is perfect for many applications, including direct mail campaigns, post cards, save-the-date magnets, greeting cards, graduation invites, and even sports cards.

“Magnum manufactures this printable magnet at a thickness and strength that passes USPS regulations.  The magnet passes the stiffness test and thickness tests needed for USPS, allowing the double-printable surface magnet to be printed and mailed as a postcard,” says co-inventor, Ritch Lefevre, National Sales Executive for Magnum Magnetics.

DigiMag® Duplex is patent pending.

Magnum Magnetics is a U.S. manufacturer of flexible magnetic sheeting, magnetic strip, and magnetic extrusions. The company’s magnet is tested and conforms to certified toy safety standards for heavy metals content. They are also able to customize their magnet and packaging to satisfy individual production requirements.  Magnum Magnetics operates two facilities in Ohio.


DigiMag® Duplex

Magnum Magnetics introduces DigiMag® Duplex


It’s Easy to Print Advertising Magnets

It’s no secret that the advertising landscape has changed as technology has advanced. Newspaper circulation has dropped nation-wide, while digital advertising has skyrocketed. There are so many advertising options available to business owners nowadays that they often feel overwhelmed, while feeling a little hesitation about investing in these new avenues. One product that’s value has not changed over the years is the magnet.

Promotional products as a whole are a great advertising medium. They stay with your potential customer, and continue to make a brand impression on them each time they are used. From cups and pens to magnets, your brand is implanted on the individual multiple times throughout the day. Promotional magnets, such as those used on refrigerators, are seen multiple times a day, by each individual in the household. They also serve a practical use, as they can hold anything from bills to report cards to photos. They also do not lose their magnetization, so they far outlast the ink on the promotional cup, or in the promotional pen.

Printed magnets can be seen everywhere. Some are used on refrigerators, others on file cabinets and other various surfaces around the office. Magnets can also be printed on weather-resistant substrates, opening up the option of vehicle signage and building signage.

Many commercial printers, from small local shops to large nation-wide dealers offer magnet in their product mix. Though magnets are often overlooked when making budget decisions, they are one of the few printed advertisements than can offer a large return on investment, due to long shelf life and practical application.

Recently, we discovered a very well-written article discussing the advantage of promotional magnets, and highlighting how innovation has made it easier to print directly to magnets.

Printing magnets has become easier over the years, and Magnum Magnetics has been committed to continual innovation to create products that not only feed through many types of printers, but also have superior quality to provide the best product possible for our customers.

By printing directly to our magnets, commercial printers can reduce lead times while maximizing profits. Magnum Magnetics is proud to have friendly, helpful sales associates and customer service reps that can learn about your process and find the product that will work best for your equipment. We are committed to helping printers reduce the need to outsource these jobs by using existing equipment by adding minimal steps to their current process.

Magnum Magnetics offers magnetized and un-magnetized materials, which allow printers more options when choosing the right product for their needs. If your process requires post-printing magnetization, we have four magnetizers readily available to finish your product. Whatever the job size, we can find the right magnetizer for you.

Contact us today (800.258.0991) to discover that It’s Easy To Print Magnets™ and allow one of our friendly associates the opportunity to find the right product for your process.  Feel free to email us with questions at

Magnum Magnetics Announces Magnetizer Patent Approval

July has been an exciting month for Magnum Magnetics.  The United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued US Patent 8,174,346 covering their Portable Desktop Magnetizer. This proprietary technology is designed as an economical solution for commercial printers to magnetize small to medium-sized jobs. This system is durable, reliable and requires low maintenance.

“The Portable Desktop Magnetizer was a product that we created due to the needs we saw from our customers who are in the print industry,” says inventor and Magnum Magnetics employee Trygve Koren. “Portability is the key to this magnetizer. Smaller shops that do not have the space to dedicate to our larger Industrial units, and the volumes that make would make a handheld unit unprofitable due to the amount of labor. The Portable Desktop Magnetizer allows for a motorized magnetizer to be placed on a desk and run by one operator, when not in use the PDM can be closed and stored safely.”

This magnetizer features a 13” wide per pass magnetizing capability that provides a minimum 85 lbs. per square foot magnetic pull strength when used with 30 mil Magnum Magnetics ® magnetic sheeting.  It offers high speed magnetization up to 50 feet per minute.

“We are seeing a dramatic increase in the number of printers using our materials,” explains Nicole Sheridan, Marketing Manager. “For years printers could not use magnetic materials in their printers, but our particular line of flexible magnetic materials was designed specifically for offset, screenprint, flexo, inkjet, and digital such as Indigo and iGen.”  As many of Magnum Magnetics ® flexible magnetic products require post-printing magnetization, this is an economical solution that requires minimal integration to existing processes.

Portable Desktop Magnetizer


Summer storage of your magnetic material

As it gets hotter, remember that it’s best to store your magnetic material in a climate-controlled environment, optimally in 70-75 degrees.  Keep an eye on your humidity levels as well!  If your paper is stored in too humid an environment, it will absorb too much moisture.  Dry environments will dry the paper out.

We take great effort to climate-control the manufacturing process of our magnets, and ensure that the substrates we bind to them are climate-controlled as well.  This allows us to confidently send our customers quality materials.

For more information on storing your magnet, please call one of our friendly, knowledgable staff members today!  800.258.0991

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